Solution Engineering: Winning Proposals are Engineered, Not Just Written

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Do you feel uncertainty or frustration when submitting a proposal to the government? Are you challenged to make a bid decision with less than adequate information? Many of us wonder, “Did we do enough?” The goal of this book is to illustrate how winning proposals are engineered and not just written. Whenever you engineer something, critical thinking must occur first. Trades happen when you must design a solution within money, resource, and time constraints. This is particularly true when attempting to win business from the government. This book teaches the Solution Engineering Framework. Application of a framework to support design of a winning proposal enables better decision-making and increased probability of winning. It creates an approach centered on “thinking before writing.” What makes this book unique? It teaches a simple, yet powerful, deliberate, engineering-based approach to designing proposal solutions. It also helps develop the supporting narratives. It explains how to avoid common pitfalls. It offers an engineered approach that demystifies the process of winning government proposals. This book provides a capability that complements any existing business development process. Applying what the book teaches will increase the value of your company. It helps store the rich context of how and why a deal was bid. Learn how to stop playing the game of government proposals, squeeze uncertainty out of your bids, and beat the odds and win!

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Paperback: 211 pages
Publisher: AlphaGraphics Loudoun (2020)
ISBN: 978-0-9898127-2-6

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5 reviews for Solution Engineering: Winning Proposals are Engineered, Not Just Written

  1. Lynne Glowacki

    If you are in Capture or Proposal development, you need this book. I have worked in government contracting for more than 18 years, and in that time I have been involved in writing close to 100 proposals for different companies, each with their own style and structure. Peter Lierni’s book leaves every one of those styles and structures behind. He is truly methodical, taking every piece of the capture puzzle and breaking it down so that you really understand what you need to be doing at each step, going back months prior to RFP release. New companies that start their capture process this way will be ahead of the game as they will not follow the pitfalls that come from “winging it” and relying on small business set asides. More established companies, especially those that might be struggling as they age out of their set-asides, will benefit from understanding the methods for truly understanding the customer and competition. As a small business owner, I have already put into action many of the ideas that I gleaned from this book, and I am looking forward to the time when my company is big enough that I can do even more.

  2. Carl F Konzman

    REQUIRED READING – FOR ALL IT POSITIONS THAT REQUIRE THINKING – REQUIRED READING. In my over 30 years of experience managing and consulting to governments both foreign and domestic, Fortune 100 Companies, and Academia I have come to realize that people don’t fundamentally understand what’s involved in engineering a solution. Mr. Lierni has bridged that gap in a first of its kind book that does not instruct but rather teaches the reader to think and rely on upfront evidence-based thinking before coming to solutions that simply fall short of the requirement. Winning requirements like winning solutions and winning proposals require critical thinking and a disciplined engineering-based approach to design. This book teaches the SOLUTION ENGINEERING FRAMEWORK that will lead you to successful Requirements, Requests for Proposals, Solutions, Proposals and Contract Awards. SOLUTION ENGINEERING should be required reading for anyone wishing to pursue a career in IT, and mandatory reading for anyone currently in the IT or Contracting business today. The lessons are relevant, applicable, and results oriented. Enter the thinking man’s game and when asked how you got so successful steal a quote from Mr. Lierni and tell them that “Winning Proposals are Engineered, Not Just Written” Order your copy today!!!

  3. Mark Varricchione

    Unique way of approaching. Innovative & challenges you to think beyond obvious solutions-more wins! Peter does an incredible job taking a more innovative and distinctive approach in your go-to-market as you think through problems and challenges from the customers perspective.

    It considers all the factors, variables and ingredients by applying extensive analysis and thought process, challenging today’s typical approaches to better respond to the client’s needs, the bid and proposal.

    The Solution Engineering approach, framework and process methodically makes it simpler to collaborate and respond with quality. The only pain, is it will challenge your teams to roll up the sleeves and really think through their contribution and prove why they should win! In the end you will gain and be happy you instituted Solution Engineering.

    Proof is from having the opportunity to experience the framework for many years. The evidence makes it easy to declare the approach & method increases wins!

  4. Shawn Kingsberry

    Best book to increase contract wins .Peter Lierni is incredible and his framework is proven. This framework is the best that I have seen in my 25 years of being in the business. I would recommend this solution for anyone looking to increase their contract wins.

  5. Jean Payne

    Great book!!! Must have. Had an opportunity to have Peter as an instructor for my company employees. Wow, a lot of aha moments. I truly believe that we can win more proposals if we implemented this process. I know one company specifically who went from less than 10 to 120 employees in less then 4 years. Peter is great Navy veteran and instructor who is invested in the success of small companies.

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