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Pursuing competitive bids is a tough business. Companies are only successful when they can win contracts, deliver quality solutions of value with real benefit realization and risk mitigation that meet the customer’s needs and thus develop the past performance that wins more contracts. One critical key in this cycle is producing winning proposals. This means proposals that are engineered and not just written. The Solution Engineering Framework provides a proven, logical, repeatable, and fail-proof approach to producing winning proposals. It reduces bid uncertainty and helps you answer the age-old question, “Why your company?” It also increases your company’s value. If you are in the game of pursuing business-to-government or business-to-business competitive bids, the Solution Engineering Framework is your new playbook.

Individuals who complete the course receive 10 professional development units and a certificate.


Discriminate Your Company

Learn how to make your bid and your company stand head and shoulders above the others.

Win More Bids

Explore all the ways to develop and write innovative solutions that soar above the competition’s.

Increase Company Value

Discover how a proven, repeatable, and logical framework will increase your company’s value over time.


  • Why is Thinking Hard?
  • Systemic Issues in Government Contracting
  • Risk is a Function of Context
  • Customer Context
  • Program Context
  • Competitor Context
  • Ethics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Criteria for P-Win
  • Pursuit Index Formula
  • Capture Plan
  • Call Plan
  • Task Plan Schematic
  • Customer Issues
  • Issue Analysis
  • Customer Key Factors
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Win Strategy
  • Win Themes
  • Ghosting
  • Integrated Solution Set
  • Teaming Partners
  • Past Performance Selection
  • Key Personnel
  • Technical Approach
  • Management Approach
  • Resume Matrix
  • Price to Win (PTW)
  • PTW Strategies
  • Cost Response Narrative
  • Why Your Company?
  • Value Statements
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Risk Management
  • Color Reviews
  • Specification Sheet
  • Lessons Learned
  • Recompetes
  • How to Get Started
  • Cost Response Narrative

Meet Your Instructor, Peter Lierni

Peter Lierni developed the Solution Engineering Framework based on more than two decades of experience designing and developing winning solutions. He has worked in the federal, state, local, and international market spaces. He holds two graduate degrees as well as numerous programmatic, technical, and business-based certifications. He is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and engaging instructor who shares his passion for government contracting, critical thinking, and this framework with large and medium-sized contractors throughout the country.

“Peter’s teaching style and lessons are transformative; he begins the process of transforming technical architects into solution architects who understand and communicate business value through outstanding proposals.”

—Norman Owens, Chief Technology Officer for Major Unisys Client Account

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