Do you ever feel uncertainty or frustration when submitting a proposal for a competitive bid?

Do you always have a rock-solid case for “why your company?”

Have you ever been challenged to make a bid decision with less than adequate information?

Many of us wonder under these circumstances: “Did we do enough?” One way to address such dilemmas is through the application of a framework, which enables better decision making and supports the design of a winning proposal. Ultimately, it helps you convincingly answer the question:

“Why your company?”


The Solution Engineering Framework™ is a simple, yet powerful,
deliberate, engineering-based approach to designing winning proposal solutions. It
helps develop the supporting narratives you need before you put pen to paper. Using
this framework ensures that the necessary critical thinking happens upfront. You can
use this framework immediately, and it complements many of the practices and tools
you already have in place. Over time, applying the framework to every bid
opportunity will increase the value of your company.

Class: Learn How to Engineer a Winning Proposal

The complexities involved in crafting bids that win highly competitive contracts require in-depth technical training. Learn the Solution Engineering Framework and how to apply it. This class is suitable for anyone who participates in developing solutions for competitive bids.

Advance Your Career with Certification

If developing bids is central to your career, consider pursuing certification in the Solution Engineering Framework. We supplement our in-depth classroom training with expert guidance in applying the framework in the real-world development of proposals. Once you have completed three proposals and passed an online test, we issue your certification—a testament to employers of your critical thinking and dedication to your professional growth and development.

Hot off the Presses!

“Solution Engineering is an innovative approach to answering the most important question in competitive government bids — Why your company?”

Phil McKinney — Author and creator and host of The Killer Innovation Show (

“All government contractors who prepare competitive proposals, as well as the government employees who evaluate them, will benefit from Peter Lierni’s expertise, processes, and lessons learned detailed in Solutions Engineering which will add value to your customers’ performance and drive up your firm’s enterprise value.”

Tim Keenan ─ Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of High-Performance Technologies, Incorporated (HPTi)

“The methodology presented is framed within a system engineering approach that decomposes the complex into a practical, understandable, comprehensive, and trainable model.”

Michael Niggel — Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Concepts and Technologies, Limited Liability Company (ACT I)

“Peter Lierni has a unique perspective to building winning proposal responses. His approach to critical thinking is instrumental in focusing on areas in proposal responses of most importance and has resulted in many contract awards.”

Shawn Kingsberry — Former Chief Information Officer of the United States Government Federal Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.

“Solution Engineering helps bring value to the government and the citizens that it is meant to serve.”

Sharyl Attkisson — author and host of Full Measure ( with Sharyl Attkisson on television stations operated by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

We Offer Consulting

Benefit from Solution Engineering’s decades of success in helping government contractors win lucrative work. Our knowledge is applicable to enabling the success of companies in the business-to-business marketspace too. We are available to work directly with your team on applying the Solution Engineering Framework on specific engagements or on creating an overall approach to developing winning bids.


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