Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues in consistently developing winning bids for government work. We help companies identify the most productive opportunities in improving their approach to capture management, solution development, or proposal development. We bring deep, functional expertise in applying the Solution Engineering Framework to individual bids as well as to enhancing a company’s overall capture and proposal system and processes.

Peter Lierni

Peter Lierni is the founder of Solutioneering, LLC and its lead principal. Peter is the originator of the Solution Engineering Framework™ and author of the acclaimed book, Solution Engineering. Peter Lierni believes that the mission of government is too important and its challenges too complex to treat winning competitive government bids as a transactional activity or just a process. Critical thinking is required. Peter enables the right thinking to occur to help the right company to win to help the government succeed.

Peter Lierni has 25+ years of experience in designing and developing winning solutions. Peter has worked in the federal, state, local, and international market spaces. Peter Lierni draws on many influences to assist his clients, including time in the military as well as roles in client delivery, project management, solution development, capture management, and proposal development. Peter holds graduate degrees in business and information systems, as well as several professional certifications that cover systems engineering, project management, security, and proposal development.

Systems Thinker | Innovator | Change Leader

Mark Varricchione

Mark Varricchione is a principal with Solutioneering, LLC. In addition to being an expert on the application of the Solution Engineering Framework, Mark is a recognized thought leader and coach in the area of innovation. Mark Varricchione is co-founder of The Innovators Network. Mark believes that to win competitive government bids that it is important to innovate and design over the competition.

Mark Varricchione has 25+ years of experience in business development, client delivery, project management, technology strategy, business and growth strategy, merger and acquisition strategy, transformation planning and execution, board operations, revenue, and operations optimization, financial structuring, program improvement, and recovery. Mark has an undergraduate degree in business.

Growth Optimizer | Ideater | Value Creator

How We Help

› Applying the Solution Engineering Framework
Discover a logical, repeatable, scalable, and proven framework for engineering winning proposals and how to apply it within your organization.

› Evaluating, Assessing and Countering 
Explore how you can better assess what the other players will propose and how you can set your organization and solution apart.

› Developing Innovative Solutions
Learn how to do the critical thinking necessary upfront so that the final product offers value by providing real benefits and mitigating risks.

› Crafting Effective Win Strategies
See how win strategies go far beyond low bids. Sound customer and competitive analysis, critical thinking, and effective win strategies can position an innovative solution for a win over same-old solutions that cost less.

› Determining the Optimal Pricing Strategy
Learn how to price to win and how to create a narrative to support your pricing strategies.

› Transforming Your Capture and Proposal Organization
Adopt and adapt your organization to improve its overall performance in developing winning proposals, from capture management to proposal development and delivery.

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Re-engineer your organization to improve its overall performance in developing winning proposals, from capture management to proposal development and delivery